It's easier than you think to achieve the perfect decor for your garden pond.

Nothing's more calming than clear, cascading, bubbling water that gently settles in your very own garden pond. But for a garden pond to really come alive, the right choices have to be made the foliage that surrounds it. You might not think it, but the decoration options are limitless...

    Jacob and family

Hugs and Handshakes accepted

    I have been landscaping for over 14 years now and I have always enjoyed the outdoors and  the fulfillment of renovating a once neglected outdoor space. But something was missing . I began to see more and more missed opportunities and a lack of customer/contractor communication. I felt as if the company I had worked for was just in a rush to get to the next job.

     That's when I decided to do it better. The first handful of years were truly hard, Building a solid customer base, handling a huge work load and so forth. I have found that I was right. If you do it right and with compassion the work will begin to come to you.

 My intentions from the start have been to be upfront and personable,To give your home the time it deserves, To not skimp on materials, to give you my undivided attention and in a few words be totally                            Down to Earth

The Best of Professionals